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Hindu Renaissance: Protecting Worship and Heritage in Bharatvarsha


In the wake of a remarkable cultural renaissance and economic growth in Bharatvarsha (India) over the past decade, a call to action has been sounded to protect and preserve the worship, beliefs, and heritage of the Indic traditions. Spearheaded by concerned Hindu intellectuals and advocates for cultural preservation, this movement seeks to address longstanding issues and ensure the safeguarding of Bharat’s rich cultural legacy.

Since 2014, Bharatvarsha has witnessed a resurgence of interest in its ancient heritage and traditions, driven in part by a group of scholars and history enthusiasts who have utilized social media and electronic platforms to share knowledge and engage in captivating debates. This renaissance has challenged biased historical narratives and brought to light the hidden treasures of Bharat’s past, rejuvenating the youth and instilling a sense of pride in their cultural heritage.

Recent discoveries, such as the confirmation by NASA of a prehistoric submerged bridge at Rameshwaram, have reinforced the historicity of ancient Hindu narratives, further bolstering the sense of cultural continuity and pride among Hindus. However, amidst these triumphs, concerns linger regarding the protection of Hindu worship sites, the prevention of forced religious conversions, and the liberation of Hindu temples from government control. The group also expressed concern on one sided Judicial activism that is leaning more towards Leftist ethos.

Hindu intellectuals express deep concern over the growing menace of forced religious conversions and the lack of legislative action to address this issue. Despite numerous reports of such conversions, the government has yet to enact comprehensive laws to curb this practice. Furthermore, the political patronage of fringe groups that incite attacks on Hindu beliefs and practices has raised alarm bells, prompting calls for stronger legislation to safeguard religious freedoms and prevent religious profanity.

Key recommendations put forth by Hindu intellectuals include the establishment of a Central Endowment Board for the administration of Hindu temples, the consecration of archaeological sites and artifacts related to Hinduism, and the promotion of Sanskrit and ancient Indian heritage in educational curricula. Additionally, suggestions have been made for a re-examination of the constitution to ensure the protection of religious freedoms and the enactment of stringent laws to prevent sedition and religious profanity.

Looking ahead to the 2024 general elections, Hindu intellectuals urge political parties, particularly the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), to incorporate these recommendations into their manifestos. By addressing these longstanding issues, Bharatvarsha can march towards its rightful place as a peaceful and prosperous superpower, rooted in its rich cultural heritage and traditions.

For more information, contact:

Krishna Baalu Iyer Hyderabad, Bharatvarsha 


Phone: +91-85019 49908

About “Hindus of Bharatvarsha”: “Hindus of Bharatvarsha” is a collective of concerned individuals dedicated to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage and traditions of Bharatvarsha. Through advocacy and awareness initiatives, the group seeks to address pressing issues facing the Hindu community and contribute to the socio-cultural fabric of the nation.


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