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From Seed to Chic: Zyod’s Sustainable Evolution


The apparel industry is often considered a major contributor to pollution and a significant factor in global warming. (Artificial Intelligence can assist the fashion industry in cutting down fashion waste). Zyod seized upon this issue and turned it into an opportunity, catalyzing a revolutionary transformation in the fashion manufacturing sector.

The global fashion apparel industry faces daunting challenges, including overproduction, the disposable culture of fast fashion, textile waste, and resource depletion. These issues exact an immense environmental toll, filling landfills with unsold inventory. To combat this, the fashion industry must embrace sustainability by adopting practices such as reducing overproduction, implementing eco-friendly processes, and ensuring ethical labour conditions.

In the vibrant city of Jaipur, a remarkable story of sustainable fashion innovation unfolds. Two friends, Ankit Jaipuria and Ritesh Khandelwal, united by their passion for the fashion industry, identified a pressing issue that was the world of fashion – rampant resource consumption and waste generation. With a vision to revolutionise fashion manufacturing through sustainable evolution, Ankit and Ritesh founded Zyod.

Zyod adopts a multifaceted approach to tackle the fashion industry’s overstock issue. Their innovative Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) of 50 units empower customers to understand their target audience and make informed decisions about production quantities, effectively curbing overproduction and wastage. These initiatives not only foster a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry but also empower brands to take responsibility for their manufacturing processes, thus minimising the detrimental effects of overstock. 

We’ve been a valuable support for emerging brands such as Demonash, assisting them in expanding their reach and making a mark in the market. Our tailored solutions, adaptable low MOQ model, and collaborative approach allowed them to connect with their audience, experiment effectively, and establish a strong presence.

Over the past few months, we’ve expanded our reach to more than 13 countries and delivered over 120,000 pieces every month. Additionally, we’re excited to share that we’re in the process of creating over 10,000 new styles each month.

By prioritising sustainable practices and responsible manufacturing, Zyod significantly reduces the environmental impact of production, alleviating the burden of excess inventory in landfills. Ankit and Ritesh firmly believe that true sustainable evolution necessitates more than just creating eco-friendly products; it demands a fundamental shift in production practices, reflecting Zyod’s core mission of reducing overproduction.

For Zyod, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a way of life woven into the fabric of their business. Today, Zyod stands as an exemplar of the harmonious convergence of fashion and sustainability. Their visionary approach has not only birthed beautiful clothing but has also set a formidable precedent for the future of the fashion industry. This is not the end; we have more things coming up. Stay tuned.


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