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Barang 1999: Streaming NOW on Kanccha Lannka.


Kanccha Lannka, the leading entertainment app in Odisha, is set to create a significant impact with its latest offering – the Odia web series, Barang 1999. Directed by the talented Odia filmmaker, Ajay Padhi, this seven-episode saga on the OTT platform not only guarantees enthralling entertainment but also delves deep into the exploration of political struggles and the resilient spirit of women.

Barang 1999 transcends the conventional boundaries of a web series; it emerges as a narrative pulsating with empowerment, justice, and the indomitable spirit of women. The poignant political drama intricately traces the compelling story of Amrita Padhi, a woman who stands up against the powerful figures within the system. Confronting injustice within her own family and betrayed by those entrusted with upholding justice, Amrita embarks on a tireless battle against all odds, fueled by hope and a resolve stronger than steel. In the intricate web of politics, Amrita stands tall as a woman in a man’s world, becoming not just a seeker of personal justice but a catalyst for transformation. The entanglement of a woman’s fight for justice in an intense political war between rivals unfolds as a captivating story that needs to be witnessed to be believed.

The series features Supriya Nayak, the latest sensation of Odia Cinema, in the lead role, alongside nationally-acclaimed Odia artists including the recently-appointed director of NSD and Bollywood actor Chittaranjan Tripathy, as well as the rising Bollywood star Sukumar Tudu. The ensemble cast also includes Chandan Mohanty, Asit Patra, Nishant Majithia, Bhaswati Basu, KP, Somen Pujari, Bhupati Tripathy, and others.

Crafted by veteran journalist Dilip Bisoi and written by Saroj Mohapatra, Barang 1999 boasts eloquent dialogues by Nishant Majithia. The series sets a benchmark in production values in Odisha, with outstanding camera work by Mumbai-based Yudhisthir Behera and meticulous editing by Rashmi Ranjan.

In reflecting on the ambitious project, director Ajay Padhi shared, “Barang 1999 was nothing short of a challenge, given the vast canvas and compelling storyline. Recreating the 90s was both exciting and tough, but the team managed to excel. I hope viewers enjoy the series as much as we did in making it.”

Expressing enthusiasm, Akshay Parija, Co-Founder, and Chairman of Kanccha Lannka, stated, “We are super excited to present a concept that is not only entertaining but also inspirational. Barang 1999 is not just one woman’s story; it is a saga of women everywhere who have taken a stand against the system to seek justice. This marks Odisha’s first and biggest political thriller, and we hope viewers embrace it.”


This ambitious web series is currently available for streaming on Kanccha Lannka, accessible through various platforms such as Google Play Store, Apple Store, the website, and Super Apps like Jio TV, Airtel Xtreme, OTT Play, Play Box, and many more. The widespread availability aims to ensure that audiences across diverse platforms can immerse themselves in the gripping narrative and high production values that Barang 1999 promises.

As viewers embark on this cinematic journey, they are not merely consuming entertainment; they are becoming part of a movement – a movement that resonates with the struggles, triumphs, and indomitable spirit of women. Barang 1999 stands as a testament to the power of storytelling, bringing forth narratives that inspire, challenge, and transform perspectives. In the heart of Odisha’s cultural and cinematic landscape, Kanccha Lannka emerges as a trailblazer, steering the narrative towards stories that not only entertain but also leave a lasting impact on the collective consciousness.


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