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Agency News Spearheads Social Change Through Strategic Partnerships with Social Justice Influencers

Share, a leading platform in connecting brands with top-tier influencers, is proud to announce its latest endeavor to reshape the narrative around social justice issues. By leveraging the power of social justice influencers, aims to create impactful campaigns that not only raise awareness but also inspire action.


  • Commitment to Social Justice: is dedicated to harnessing the influence of social media personalities to spotlight social justice causes, fostering a community of advocates for change.
  • Strategic Partnerships: The platform meticulously selects influencers who are deeply passionate about social issues and pairs them with campaigns that reflect their values and reach.
  • Amplified Messaging: With the right voices, messages of equality, diversity, and inclusivity are amplified to resonate with a wider audience, driving the social justice narrative forward.
  • Measurable Impact: The effectiveness of these campaigns is not just seen in the engagement rates but also in the tangible change they encourage in society— from policy reform to shifts in public opinion.

About is a cutting-edge online portal that seamlessly connects brands with influencers across various niches. With a focus on generating high ROI and creating authentic connections, the platform has evolved to also champion social causes through influencer marketing.

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